In order to strengthen partner relations across the globe even further, Travelive Co-founder and President steps in as Interim VP of Agencies

Boca Raton, FL January 9, 2019

- Travelive, an award-winning Luxury Travel Company with offices in the US and Europe, has announced today that their Co-founder and President Mina Agnos will be also taking on the role as an interim VP of Agencies in order to strengthen the relationship with new and existing partners even further. This new appointment comes shortly after Sonia Athan, former VP of Agencies, resigned for personal reasons.

"As the Co-founder and President of Travelive, Mina has become the face of the company and I cannot think of a better person to step in as an Interim VP of Agencies bringing us one step closer to becoming one of the most sought-after partners in global high-end travel," said Panos Chalvantzis, Chairman and CEO of Travelive. "Given her vast knowledge of the needs of consumers and service providers, we believe Mina will be able to give a unique insight into the travel trends and ensure continuous growth for all stakeholders.”

After successful 2018, this new move comes as a sign of Travelive’s desire to keep raising the bar in bespoke luxury travel and to show the agencies and partners worldwide that Travelive is a supplier they can continue to count on for one-of-a-kind curated Mediterranean travel experiences, attention to detail and, above all, innovativeness.

About Travelive

Travelive offers high-level personalized leisure and hospitality services to clients traveling to Greece, Italy, Spain, Egypt and Turkey. With offices in the US as well as on-site offices in Athens, Rome, Madrid, Cairo and Istanbul, Travelive offers a complete solution for travelers to all Mediterranean Destinations.

Travelive is the preferred supplier for Virtuoso, Signature Travel Network, Altour and Ensemble agents all around the world. Travelive is featured in Travel + Leisure's A-List of the World's Top Travel Agents and is among the Top Travel Specialists of Condé Nast Traveler Magazine.

On-site offices oversee contracting, partner relationships, confirmations, sales and act as 24/7 customer service departments. With this, Travelive can offer its clients the advantages of working with a US company (with the local, financial and legal benefits) while also offering the full support and security of an on-site representative office.